Thursday, February 19, 2009

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob at my house...

Team Edward.

Last month this happened at least every other night at my house. Arm wrestling. Which immediately flashed through my head as a seen from the Twilight books. However, I didn't take part in this. I just felt like grabbing the camera and snapping a few pics for a really great blog. I can't wait to see Bella take on Emmett in Breaking Dawn. However, this would have to do until then. This is my brother Wes and his friend Andy battling each other to see who the strongest really is. Notice the real intense concentration on Andy's face. Wes wasn't even trying and yet Andy still had trouble beating him. In the end Wes won by just a little move.

A few minutes later, Andy wanted to try again, so Wes preceeded in letting Andy think he was winning and again couldn't take Wes. However, Andy ended up cheating and using all of his body weight and both hands to take Wes down. This happened before I could even get a picture of it.

Then my 17 year old brother CJ, who has had extreme strength since he could walk, took on Wes and they both struggled for a while and eventually CJ won. I really think that if vampires were really real than CJ would actually have a shot at being one of the best vampires out there. Not to mention one of the strongest.

This is CJ and Wes at another match. Wes not really trying and CJ looking like he might blow a vein or muscle at that. CJ is also very musclular and can take on any body you toss at him. Soon he will be taking on the Role as "Edward" during spring break because rumor has it that his girlfriends ex boyfriend is coming to town and will be trying to take Erika back to Washington with him. These two are inseprable. Although CJ says Erika can protect herself and can really kick some butt if she has to, I really think that he will be doing the protecting when it comes down to it. Don't they look great together? I just hope it works out. She will be a great sister-in-law.She really is from one of the most popular states right now.Washington. Her mom lives in a town called Shelton, which is just 3 hours and 20 minutes from Forks!How cool is that?

After CJ took on Wes, my mom wanted to get into the action also. She decided to take on CJ. Automatically, the words Emmett and Bella popped into my head. Just seeing my poor weak mother take on the strongest kid she has, make that the strongest kid in our whole family, was just way too funny. However, she didn't win even when she tryed to cheat by trying to kiss my brother, CJ still won the battle.

Team Jacob.
Meet McCain. No not the person who ran for president, however, I am sure he would have made a really great one. He is the only cat we have who actually knows how to run a computer. I busted him trying to log into something at 12:30a.m. I woke to the really annoying beeping sound and got up to see what it was and low and behold it was McCain on the computer. He wasn't too happy about being busted.

Meet Obama. This is McCain's brother. Yes, I said brother. My brother CJ decided to name him this because they were born while the presidential race was going on and due to being a black cat he thought it would tie in really nice. Then Wes decided that it would only be fair if we named the other one McCain. The names sort of stuck after that.

It has just recently come to my attention that these two are team Jacob fans. I started rereading the Twilight series when I noticed that they started showing up in my room at bed time after I started reading New Moon. Although, they didn't show up until after Edward and his family left. They really like hearing about Jacob and how he turns into a werewolf. I am currently reading the part where Alice comes back. I really took notice that every time Edward was mentioned McCain and Obama would leave the room and come back shortly after I finished reading that part.These two stopped coming into my room when Bella stopped hanging out with Jacob and went and found Edward's Meadow by herself. Then when Jacob came back into the picture they came back to listen to the story again. Oddly enough they showed up last night to hear the part where Jacob pulls Bella out of the water and saves her from drowning and Alice arriving, but when Edward was mentioned, they both left the room and came back after that part.
I am afraid that when I finish this book and start Eclipse that they won't be back for the story. They might be back for Jacob's side of the story in Breaking Dawn, but only time will tell.