Friday, October 23, 2009

Just a small post update...

Well, I think I might be losing my buddy. I don't know. I am sooooo confused right now and I think he is also. The week after the Italian Buffet he got sick and I started feeling miserable that Sat. I couldn't eat, sleep, or even focus during class that entire week. I think I only got about 1 hour of sleep that entire week. I was also getting GLARED at by the culinary assitant chef, Todd. He just so happens to work with my buddy at the Blue Lakes Country Club and now whenever I walk the kitchen or even into the same room with him he glares at me. One of these days I should just say whatever you think I did, I didn't do it,lol. Yesterday while I was working our wonderful cafe and playing hostess, I noticed him walk through the cafe a whole lot and was even on the front line more than usual. Then I also noticed when I sat to eat lunch he sat directly across the room facing me so he can glare at me some more. Luckily for me I was hidden by mine and Wes' friend Carolina's head. My friend Eileen looked over at Todd and she even noticed that he kept looking our direction.

This is a picture of Todd. He is the one not smiling with the black hat on looking very serious.
My friend Laura said he used to do the same to her and not to worry about it. She doesn't quite understand my paranoia at this point. She doesn't understand that my buddy works with this guy and has probably said something to him about me. I really hope not. I, however, have had a very small opportunity to talk with my buddy for a short time this past week. During our Sanitation class on Wednesday, we were going over the questions in chapter 8 and I wasn't paying attention too much and silently talking to Eileen about some other things that have been going on. When our instructor decided that one student named Mark was going to read a question and I was going to answer it. I said, "What?" and my buddy, who was sitting about 10 feet from me laughed a little and when Mark got done reading the question, my buddy said the answer eventhough I was supposed to. I didn't want it to look like he gave me the answer (which he did) so I quickly looked through the options and said the same answer he gave me. I will now always remember that stuffed pork chops are supposed to be cooked to a temperature of 165 degrees. All thanks to my buddy. After class I had my friend Eileen give him a little note thanking him for helping out with dishes during the Italian Buffet and 2 of my Honeysticks I had recently picked up while in Boise on Tuesday at the Boise Coop store. What a very interesting store. Need to go back soon. Anybody up for a roadtrip? After that he kind of talked with us for a little bit and then said thanks guys and left. I kind of followed him out the door hoping he would turn and talk to me a little more, but didn't. I told him not to crash his board and he just nodded his head and left:( I hope to get to talk to him again next week. We usually talk more during our nutrition classes than in our Sanitation class. I miss our little talks after classes.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is what I have been doing the past few months...

So this past summer, I decided to follow my brother Wes into the "Culinary World" and signed up for Culinary Arts just before he went to France.As luck would have it, the Culinary Arts program exploded this year and they decided to open up a Baking/Pastry program. One day I got a phone call from my instructor Mike Johnson asking me if I would like to switch over to the new program instead of being in the Culinary arts. I said sure, knowing fully well who the instructor was already and knowing a little about her background from Wes. She of course didn't go to a school to become a Pastry chef, she went to Eruope for about 10 years and became an apprentice. Our wonderful Baking/Pastry class work so hard to make European style desserts. Yum!
Then when Wes got back from France, I sat at the computer looking at all of his amazing photos and listened to his exciting stories. He made me really jealous because I always wanted to visit France and still do.

While in France, Wes became friends with the girl pictured below. Her name is Marissa and recently got engaged just before taking the trip to France. She is currently taking an internship with Disney World in Florida with her fiance. Last I heard she was really enjoying it.

This picture here was taken atop of the Eiffel Tower. So Jealous!!!

This was taken the Monday after Wes got back from France. The entire night he complained how cold it still was and whined about wanting to go back to France. Still whines about that.

I was so excited about getting to go ATVing again this year. Then decided I would just hang around the house because driving one of these things can actually be tiring just driving up from the bottom.
Then Mindy decided she needed to be a little more adventureous this year and decided she would try out driving an ATV herself along with trying not to drown while being adventurous and go on the water tube behind the Hobson's boat. Go Mindy! Then all of a sudden she had a brilliant idea and decided that I needed to try this long lost adventure of mine. Due to the fact that I almost drowned twice by leaders who are known to be well trusted... still repressing those horrible memories. I finally decided that I needed to start getting back into the extreme sports and maybe just maybe I could hear some invisible voice to tell me to becareful!

While trying to stay on dry land and becareful, I also decided to try my artistic had at music. I learned just enough to really enjoy learning how to play the right hand part of Bella's Lullaby. Now, I just need to keep practicing and mybe even learn to play it by myself. I just love taking on things that give me a challenge. I have never played the piano before in my life before the lovely Sister Barker took on the challenge of teaching me how to read the music let alone showing me where the keys were. Thank You Sister Barker. Oh, and another thanks to Sister Hobson for letting me practice at her house. Practicing on a little keyboard just doesn't cut it.

Then school started and so did having to get up at 5:45 in the a.m. just to catch the bus to Twin four days a week. Now days, I usually don't have to set my alarm anymore. I don't even get to sleep in because my body thinks I need to go to Twin every day at 6:30 in the a.m. Hmmm, I wonder why it thinks that, Oh, I know The following pictures are some of our wonderful desserts we have made in class for our Dessert Cafe that is open on Wed and Thurs. from 11:30 to 1.

This one is an Apple Bavarian Flan with a walnut crust. (European of course)

This next on just so happened to be an emergency backup plan because our merangue cups didn't turn out. This one is called Chocolate Maccadamia Banana Island with crushed merangue.

Then while being so busy with school and having to get used to our new puppy Seth, I was kinda crushed when poor Seth was diagnosed with the horrible Parvovirus and passed before I could say goodbye. I went from telling my personal secrets to this little guy (may he be missed so dearly) RIP SETH!

To talking to this wonderful sweet guy Pictured below. He first started sitting beside me during our very first Sanitation class. He started making me a little nervous when he asked me one day if he could sit and share my little table with me. I told him sure because I knew he was/is very protective of his long board. Yes, that's right, He has one of those boards that Sam and Tom Preston have, so I kinda figured that he wanted to be closer to it so he could keep an eye on it. Now he trys to sit beside me every class and if not we talk after class and he also sits beside me during our Nutrition class and he tells me weird, but good recipes he has come up with in the past and has actually tried. He also tells me thing I know he hasn't told anyone else. I think he trusts me. The week before the Italian Buffet, we left Sanitation together and he said see ya, buddy. That is when I knew something was up. He is also the one I hung out with mostly during the Italian Buffet and even compaired burn scars with while taking a short break between food runs. Now days, I keep hearing this voice in my head saying, "Don't get burned, you promised." I also hear this voice everytime I ride the bus to and from CSI saying "STAY SAFE FOR ME." Then I remember to put my seat belt on. I ususally don't wear it while riding the bus or in the backseat of the car, but everytime I forget it there is that sweet voice.
Although, I haven't been able to get the nerve to tell him my secrets just yet...I think this will change shortly when he gets back from being sick. I hope:P

I can't stop thinking about him.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Prom Weekend

Instead of writing a whole lot I decided to just post pictures of what CJ and Erika did for their prom day date. Plus what they looked like for prom. Oh yeah, my mom and I went with them since neither of them have their real driver's license yet. However, the day didn't start out as planned. It started out with me having to take a visit to the EMC for an eye irritation. Dr. Ann couldn't find anything wrong. I ended up missing family breakfast with Erika. Shoshone Falls (Niagra Falls of the West).
Skateland: Before this, we at lunch at Golden Coral.Erika's choice: Waterfall by Perrine Bridge. Before this CJ and Erika went to the arcade at the mall and won over 1100 tickets.
Who knew this beautiful place existed? We even got to walk under the waterfall.
Just before going to the Prom. When CJ and I went to pick her up, she wasn't quite ready so CJ had to go stand outside and her dad had to shut the blinds so CJ couldn't see Erika. Erika's idea. Her dad told CJ that it sounds like you're getting married instead of going to prom.

Please ignore the date on the pics. Wes' camera was brand new and I haven't had the time to figure out how it works yet. My camera ended up going to the emergency room with my mom because my brother Josh ended up with a severe ear ache. Had to borrow Wes' camera.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob at my house...

Team Edward.

Last month this happened at least every other night at my house. Arm wrestling. Which immediately flashed through my head as a seen from the Twilight books. However, I didn't take part in this. I just felt like grabbing the camera and snapping a few pics for a really great blog. I can't wait to see Bella take on Emmett in Breaking Dawn. However, this would have to do until then. This is my brother Wes and his friend Andy battling each other to see who the strongest really is. Notice the real intense concentration on Andy's face. Wes wasn't even trying and yet Andy still had trouble beating him. In the end Wes won by just a little move.

A few minutes later, Andy wanted to try again, so Wes preceeded in letting Andy think he was winning and again couldn't take Wes. However, Andy ended up cheating and using all of his body weight and both hands to take Wes down. This happened before I could even get a picture of it.

Then my 17 year old brother CJ, who has had extreme strength since he could walk, took on Wes and they both struggled for a while and eventually CJ won. I really think that if vampires were really real than CJ would actually have a shot at being one of the best vampires out there. Not to mention one of the strongest.

This is CJ and Wes at another match. Wes not really trying and CJ looking like he might blow a vein or muscle at that. CJ is also very musclular and can take on any body you toss at him. Soon he will be taking on the Role as "Edward" during spring break because rumor has it that his girlfriends ex boyfriend is coming to town and will be trying to take Erika back to Washington with him. These two are inseprable. Although CJ says Erika can protect herself and can really kick some butt if she has to, I really think that he will be doing the protecting when it comes down to it. Don't they look great together? I just hope it works out. She will be a great sister-in-law.She really is from one of the most popular states right now.Washington. Her mom lives in a town called Shelton, which is just 3 hours and 20 minutes from Forks!How cool is that?

After CJ took on Wes, my mom wanted to get into the action also. She decided to take on CJ. Automatically, the words Emmett and Bella popped into my head. Just seeing my poor weak mother take on the strongest kid she has, make that the strongest kid in our whole family, was just way too funny. However, she didn't win even when she tryed to cheat by trying to kiss my brother, CJ still won the battle.

Team Jacob.
Meet McCain. No not the person who ran for president, however, I am sure he would have made a really great one. He is the only cat we have who actually knows how to run a computer. I busted him trying to log into something at 12:30a.m. I woke to the really annoying beeping sound and got up to see what it was and low and behold it was McCain on the computer. He wasn't too happy about being busted.

Meet Obama. This is McCain's brother. Yes, I said brother. My brother CJ decided to name him this because they were born while the presidential race was going on and due to being a black cat he thought it would tie in really nice. Then Wes decided that it would only be fair if we named the other one McCain. The names sort of stuck after that.

It has just recently come to my attention that these two are team Jacob fans. I started rereading the Twilight series when I noticed that they started showing up in my room at bed time after I started reading New Moon. Although, they didn't show up until after Edward and his family left. They really like hearing about Jacob and how he turns into a werewolf. I am currently reading the part where Alice comes back. I really took notice that every time Edward was mentioned McCain and Obama would leave the room and come back shortly after I finished reading that part.These two stopped coming into my room when Bella stopped hanging out with Jacob and went and found Edward's Meadow by herself. Then when Jacob came back into the picture they came back to listen to the story again. Oddly enough they showed up last night to hear the part where Jacob pulls Bella out of the water and saves her from drowning and Alice arriving, but when Edward was mentioned, they both left the room and came back after that part.
I am afraid that when I finish this book and start Eclipse that they won't be back for the story. They might be back for Jacob's side of the story in Breaking Dawn, but only time will tell.