Monday, April 20, 2009

Prom Weekend

Instead of writing a whole lot I decided to just post pictures of what CJ and Erika did for their prom day date. Plus what they looked like for prom. Oh yeah, my mom and I went with them since neither of them have their real driver's license yet. However, the day didn't start out as planned. It started out with me having to take a visit to the EMC for an eye irritation. Dr. Ann couldn't find anything wrong. I ended up missing family breakfast with Erika. Shoshone Falls (Niagra Falls of the West).
Skateland: Before this, we at lunch at Golden Coral.Erika's choice: Waterfall by Perrine Bridge. Before this CJ and Erika went to the arcade at the mall and won over 1100 tickets.
Who knew this beautiful place existed? We even got to walk under the waterfall.
Just before going to the Prom. When CJ and I went to pick her up, she wasn't quite ready so CJ had to go stand outside and her dad had to shut the blinds so CJ couldn't see Erika. Erika's idea. Her dad told CJ that it sounds like you're getting married instead of going to prom.

Please ignore the date on the pics. Wes' camera was brand new and I haven't had the time to figure out how it works yet. My camera ended up going to the emergency room with my mom because my brother Josh ended up with a severe ear ache. Had to borrow Wes' camera.