Friday, October 23, 2009

Just a small post update...

Well, I think I might be losing my buddy. I don't know. I am sooooo confused right now and I think he is also. The week after the Italian Buffet he got sick and I started feeling miserable that Sat. I couldn't eat, sleep, or even focus during class that entire week. I think I only got about 1 hour of sleep that entire week. I was also getting GLARED at by the culinary assitant chef, Todd. He just so happens to work with my buddy at the Blue Lakes Country Club and now whenever I walk the kitchen or even into the same room with him he glares at me. One of these days I should just say whatever you think I did, I didn't do it,lol. Yesterday while I was working our wonderful cafe and playing hostess, I noticed him walk through the cafe a whole lot and was even on the front line more than usual. Then I also noticed when I sat to eat lunch he sat directly across the room facing me so he can glare at me some more. Luckily for me I was hidden by mine and Wes' friend Carolina's head. My friend Eileen looked over at Todd and she even noticed that he kept looking our direction.

This is a picture of Todd. He is the one not smiling with the black hat on looking very serious.
My friend Laura said he used to do the same to her and not to worry about it. She doesn't quite understand my paranoia at this point. She doesn't understand that my buddy works with this guy and has probably said something to him about me. I really hope not. I, however, have had a very small opportunity to talk with my buddy for a short time this past week. During our Sanitation class on Wednesday, we were going over the questions in chapter 8 and I wasn't paying attention too much and silently talking to Eileen about some other things that have been going on. When our instructor decided that one student named Mark was going to read a question and I was going to answer it. I said, "What?" and my buddy, who was sitting about 10 feet from me laughed a little and when Mark got done reading the question, my buddy said the answer eventhough I was supposed to. I didn't want it to look like he gave me the answer (which he did) so I quickly looked through the options and said the same answer he gave me. I will now always remember that stuffed pork chops are supposed to be cooked to a temperature of 165 degrees. All thanks to my buddy. After class I had my friend Eileen give him a little note thanking him for helping out with dishes during the Italian Buffet and 2 of my Honeysticks I had recently picked up while in Boise on Tuesday at the Boise Coop store. What a very interesting store. Need to go back soon. Anybody up for a roadtrip? After that he kind of talked with us for a little bit and then said thanks guys and left. I kind of followed him out the door hoping he would turn and talk to me a little more, but didn't. I told him not to crash his board and he just nodded his head and left:( I hope to get to talk to him again next week. We usually talk more during our nutrition classes than in our Sanitation class. I miss our little talks after classes.

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