Thursday, October 2, 2008

It Snowed in October!

Normally we don't get this much snow in October, but this year mother nature thought we needed about 15 inches before Halloween. We were supposed to get some snow on Oct. 10, but some how the custodian at BJHS and I thought it blew passed us like most weather does here in our small town in Idaho. The custodian told me that she and her husband were going to Boise the following morning to go to a coin collector's convention and she was going to spend time with her daughter and son-in-law. But mother nature had other plans. My mom got up for work the next morning and when she went to take my dog outside, she came running back in and was yelling something like "Oh my gosh we have about 1 inch outside!" It just so happens that I had some friends up at Melcher Mansion having a sleepover the night before, which I was supposed to be at by the way. The first thing that came to my mind is, "I wonder if they got as much snow up there as we did down here?" I on the other hand, decided to go to the annual Fireman's breakfast that morning and this is where my bad snow driving abity had to kick in. First i had to take my dad out to NORCO to get something, so we started out for our day. When we got to the main road, we noticed that there weren't any snow plows out and come to think of it they weren't out for the entire day! As it turns out, NORCO changed their store hours and didn't open until 9:00 a.m. So we had to drive back across our snow covered bridge with semis coming up behind us going a little bit faster than I would have liked, but we made it to our next destination in one piece. When we got to the fire station, we saw one of our finest shoveling snow off the side walk and he greeted us with a friendly "Merry Christmas." After having a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and pancakes made by our local heros, our firefighters, we proceeded to go back to NORCO to get what we went for the first time. However, we got stuck trying to get out of where we parked, so my brother Wes had to push us out of our parking spot. Later that evening I decided to go take pics of the snow for a really good blog on our first snow fall of the season. These pics were taken in our front yard.

in the above pic those aren't stars those are snow flakes!

In this pic you can see what looks like a street light, which it is. Isn't it beautiful?

Here are more snow flakes.

Here I am trying to see how much snow we have in our yard with a yard stick.

Pretty little snow flakes.

This is one of our kittens trying to make its way out of a snow pile. When they went to bed the night before there wasn't any of this strange wet stuff. They didn't even know what to do in it. Some of them wouldn't even go near it and found the driest way to our front door.

This is one of the other kittens standing by our side gate. See how little he is compared to the snow pile.

This is when the snow flakes started to get bigger.

My poor little bunny was nice and warm thanks to me destributing straw the night before, so every one would be nice and warm.That is a lot of snow on his house.

This is one of the branches the snow brought down earlier in the day because of the weight of it on the leaves. It was a really big branch.

If you look closely at the pic above, you can see where the really big branch broke off from. It just so happens that there was another branch in this tree that also got broken due to the weight of the snow.

See how much snow was in this poor tree that had gone through enough lately. Our neighbor was cutting down a branch in his yard and had stopped when another branch they didn't touch came down in our poor tree and wiped out this branch and our fence and our tomatoes. It was a ginormous branch and it took a few days to remove. It came down due to having tree rot.

This pic was taken shortly after having to drive my brother C.J. to the high school to join up with some friends to go to the movies. Oh if you read my last post, it is official C.J. is dating his date he took to homecoming.

This is how much snow we had in our front yard before we went to bed that night. My mom told me to measure the back yard in the morning to see how much we actually got throughout the night.

The next morning, I went out to the back yard and took these pics of how much snow was in the back yard. I guess it depended on where I put the yard stick because I got 2 different measures.

It was so beautiful with the green trees and the white snow. Plus, it had also started snowing again. What a birthday for my brother Wes. He finally got to have a white birthday.

This pic is one of our apple trees. See how much snow was on it? Poor little tree.

This little apple tree keeps getting entangled with Wes' pumpkins, so it always looks like it is growning pumpkins. Our raspberries are also here....somewhere.

Wes' pumpkins are under the snow still in this pic along with our raspberries.

This is our poor cherry tree which only produces one cherry once every maybe 2 years.

Don't mind my pjs please. This is my leg in the snow and the snow was actually pretty deep in our back yard. It was up past my knee. And I am only 5 foot 3 or 5 foot 4.

No this is not all snow. This is my brother C.J.'s little Hyndai it is under all that snow.

See how much snow we had on our roof. This is normal for the residents of Hailey or SunValley, but not where I live! I even called my cousin who lives in Hailey and they didn't get any snow at all....not fair!

This was taken on Monday, 2 days after our big snowfall. This is the house across the street from mine. That Poor bush has to hold up all that snow that is trying to slide off the roof.

Here is a better view of where that big branch came from.

This is the big branch the fell from the spot in the last pic.

These last 2 pics are my beautiful petunias...or was is left of them. Before the snow started melting you couldn't even see them. Luckily I still have a few true survivors of our fist snow storm of the Year 2008!

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angelicindy said...

Boy, that was a weird storm, wasn't it? I love your pics with the yardstick as the snow gets deeper and deeper.