Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Homecoming Time!

When I was in high school, I never got to go to Homecoming or any of those fancy dances because nobody asked me. I guess I was the kind of girl nobody wanted to go with. Anyway, I really didn't care. I mean, who had that kind of money, not me. Well I am glad that my little brother, who will will name C.J. got to go. This is C.J. before going down to Erica's house.

He had a ton of fun. His day started out by going and picking up the coursage, which by the way was really pretty, and then coming home to put it in his fridge to keep. Then he had me take him to many stores and buy things for his "Big" dinner that night at Charlie's Cafe. Isn't Erica pretty?
After we got home from shopping, he headed to the skate park and I relaxed for about an hour before I had to make a Strawberry Cheesecake for their dessert. Since C.J. is friends with the owner's daughter, she got him hooked up with the place. Chachi is an awsome friend and just about every one in my little town knows her.
The girl my bro. took to homecoming apparently just lives down the road from our house so it didn't take long for my brother to get to her house walking. Chachi picked them up and took them to dinner and then to the dance. Kudos to Chachi for being such a good friend!

Later, while he was getting ready for homecoming, I had to do one more errand for him and run to the local Little Ceasars and pick up some breadsticks for their dinner. That wasn't all that they were eating for dinner people. They were having pizza and ceasar salad. C.J. 's date is one of those people who isn't a vegatarian and I am not sure if she is called a vegan either, but anyway, she doesn't eat processed meat--so that means no peperoni and I would guess sandwich meat. By the way that is sparkling cider in case any one is wondering.

Now I don't know why she is this way, but she is. C.J. and Erica had fun at homecoming and I wouldn't be surprised if he takes her to other dances this school year.

This is C.J. and his best friend, who we will call "Bubba", and their dates at Homecoming2008!

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angelicindy said...

Welcome to blogsphere! :) I love it! It looks like they had a lot of fun, and you're right, it's a totally GORGEOUS crossage. Opps. I think I spelled that wrong. I wish the comment page had spell check. :)

You take really fun pictures and are a super nice sister for running all those errands. Have you thought about doing a blog about your pets? I know you guys have so many fun and sweet animals at your house. Just a thought. :)