Thursday, October 30, 2008


This year at our halloween party we had quite a few people show up. We also had a really good menu for dinner. There was Howling wings, funeral potatoes, red slimy goop salad, cheesey ghosts, melted witch puddles, donuts, and for drink we had Harry Potter Butter Beer and Gummy Worm Punch. All very good I might add. We also had skeleton finger carrots for vegies. As people showed up, we began to notice the different costumes they were wearing.
Even the Woodhouses got into having fun. Here is sis. Jones (our chinese girl) dressing Bro. Woodhouse as hop along Sally.
We had people dressed as cows and fairy tale creature things.We also had Indians, Elton John, a missionary, a European bar maid, Politicians John McCain and Sara Palin even stopped by. We also had a wood sprite, cowgirl, and a few more really good costumes. I however, went as the unsuspected elf or maybe I was also a Canadian just like my friend Mindy. Maybe I was just dressed as an elf, like the elves in The Santa Clause 3 eh.I should have said "Welcome to Canada, eh." Sister Hobson and I went through a lot of work putting this really cool party together and I especially had fun coming up with a design and model a costume game. It was a blast. My favorite two were of Jason and Josh modeling their made up costumes.

Don't these boys look really cute...cute enough to date?


angelicindy said...

you guys looked like you had a lot of fun! I've heard a lot of positive things about the party through different conversations and blogs. Nice going Zealanda! By the way, I LOVE that pic of Josh Burgess. Very funny :)

Jolene said...

The Halloween party was so much fun thanks to all of your planning! You are the best Home Evening chairman in the world! (I love your blog - it was fun looking at all the fun summer pictures, as well!)